Selling your boat can be an effortless experience. You’ve made the right start by getting on the Internet to check your options. You’ll find that brokers offer to sell your boat — at considerable commissions. You can sell your boat yourself and keep the commission.

Here are a few guidelines for selling your boat online:

Make sure your boat is clean, polished and emptied of all personal items before you post your ad.

No. 1: Price the boat to sell. Of course you’ve customized the boat and the next owner should help pay for the upgrades. But consider the reality of a boat that doesn’t sell quickly — the boat gets dirty, mechanical systems start to fail, and the boat gains a reputation as one that must have something wrong because it’s still on the market. Check the Internet for comparable boats and see their pricing. Check with brokers who have similar boats and see if they’ll share thoughts about what it will take to sell the similar boat and your boat.

No. 2: Prepare the boat to sell. Because you’ve priced the boat aggressively, the market will come to call. Make sure the boat’s cosmetics are proper. This includes wax on the hull and in the cockpit, and that the carpets, cushions and everything visible look tidy. Make sure the bilge is clean and smells clean. Pump out the holding tank. Clean out all the storage areas — no one wants to open a door and see a leaking container of last summer’s sun tan lotion. Make sure the motor(s) crank and run properly. Consider having a surveyor review your boat and motor(s). The report will assure potential buyers they aren’t buying a project boat, and let them know of any little items that need will attention after the sale.

No. 3: Write a detailed report of your boat and its featured and place the information on your web page. Look at the other adds for tips on what information to include and what to skip. Take advantage of the number of photographs you can post. Include a few of the boat out on the water or anchored by the island, because they will help your potential buyers visualize themselves living their dream. Most of the photos should show the boat itself — the view from the captain’s chair, the spacious storage, the motor(s), the fittings for the running lights.